Rise is a national civil rights nonprofit. We help people pen their own civil rights into existence. In 2016, we drafted and passed the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights unanimously through Congress, a feat only 21 bills in modern U.S. history have done. Rise has been recognized by New York Magazine as one of the best things that happened in 2016 and by the Washington Post as one of the top charities in America to donate to. Watch this Vice on HBO piece and read our Founder Amanda's letter.



America leads the world in protecting citizens' rights to liberty and equality, yet our country currently lacks baseline procedures for rape survivors depriving millions of Americans basic liberties. The Center for Disease Control reports that a staggering 25 million Americans are rape survivors -- a population nearly equal to the state of Texas. Americans in every state urgently need a comprehensive Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights that standardizes the best practices drawing on innovation we've seen implemented across the country.

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Going Global

Sexual violence is a global issue that urgently requires the attention of leaders. 35% of women on earth - 1.30 billion people - are sexual violence survivors, equivalent to the entire populations of North America and Europe, combined. Rape is an epidemic. Around the world protesters are marching to demand recognition and justice for survivors who are denied basic rights and access to justice. Countries from Tunisia to the United States to Japan to Lebanon are actively reforming sexual violence legislation to improve survivors’ access to justice. This reflects a growing global consensus that survivors of sexual violence deserve to  be heard. At Rise, we believe that justice should not depend on geography. Basic protections against sexual assault and access to justice should be available to everyone, no matter their gender, age, nationality, or citizenship.