Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights

  1. The rights of a survivor should never be contingent on reporting or pursuing legal action. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with trauma and these fundamental rights must be protected for every survivor. 
  2. Every survivor has a right to a sexual assault counselor; waiving the right to a counselor in one instance does not negate this right.
  3. Fair and efficient rape kit procedures are a must. It is unacceptable that a kit might be misplaced or destroyed; to prevent this and delays, a tracking system must be developed.
  4. There must be standard procedures for ensuring that survivors are informed of their rights
  5. In assessing the effectiveness of this policy and future policies, diverse voices and communities must be included in the conversation. The bill establishes a task force that includes representatives from communities of color, immigrant communities, organizations that conduct outreach/education/advocacy for BGLQT individuals, survivor advocates, law enforcement, and a SANE nurse. 


The following organizations have endorsed our H.Res 230 campaign