How Rise Builds a Movement

Rise Rights Summary Visual-1.jpg

Rise’s Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights utilizes an unconventional – yet effective – strategic approach to mobilize young people with the tools, resources and technology to pen their own civil rights into existence. This strategic approach centers on:

  • Elevating Stories: educating, training and empowering a grassroots force of survivors and allies with powerful stories to humanize the issue and compel legislators and governors to codify these civil rights. 

  • Building Allies: grasstop networks, cultural influencers and celebrity support lend their names and brands to further amplify the stories of our Risers. Allies are from all walks of life, all political affiliations and cultural backgrounds with one common thread: a passion to bring justice to survivors of sexual assault.

  • Being Visible: international media attention has directly influenced legislators and media to pass these civil rights, growing visibility and educate citizens about this issue.

Rise has engaged and trained hundreds of young people to fight for their civil rights. Currently, the Rise Movement is in 47 states and four countries: the United States, Japan, Canada and Jordan.