The Hope-a-nomics™ Guide Provides You With the Tools to Pen Your Own Rights

Rise’s theory of change is built on the idea that hope is contagious. Rise began in 2014 as an effort to bring equality to sexual assault survivors across the country and around the world. Along the way, it became something even bigger: a model for how anyone can drive democracy, scale hope, and create change.

The Hope-a-nomics™ guide provides a model of organization to empower ordinary citizens to pen their own civil rights into existence. By gamifying the process of law-making, Rise has innovated hope to democratized power.

As Risers progress through the "game," they will earn badges along the way. Badges are designed and created by partner and activist, Safwat Saleem. Find more of his work here. 


Hope-a-nomics is a trademark of Rise | Badges can be purchased at SafwatSaleem.com