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Rise has been covered by many press outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, and The Boston Globe, among others. For more, watch short videos by Vice on HBOMTVElite DailyPaul Ryan Press Conference, and Marie Claire

NBC News (Boston) | 10.20.16 | New Massachusetts Law Requires Rape Kits to be Kept Longer.

The New York Times | 10.7.16 | Obama Signs Law Guaranteeing Survivors of Sexual Assault Basic Federal Rights. 

Associated Press | 9.28.16 | Congress Adopts Bill of Rights for Sexual Assault survivors.

Mashable | 9.19.16 | Tackling Sexual Assault is Harrowing, but These Survivors are Making a Difference.

NPR's Morning Edition | 9.9.16 | Obama Expected to Sign Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights into Law.

Slate | 9.7.16 | The U.S. Is One Step Closer to a Federal Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights.

Teen Vogue | 9.7.16 | House Unanimously Passes Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights

BuzzFeed News | 9.6.16 | History Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual Assault is Heading to Obama's Desk.

NowThisNews | 6.14.16 | Amanda Nguyen helped draft the sexual assault bill of rights.

The New York Times | 5.24.16 | Advocates Praises Senate Bill on Sexual Assault Victims' Rights.

Boston Globe | 4.07.16 | Rape survivors have fewer rights than you'd think. Amanda Nguyen is trying to change that.

The Guardian | 2.23.16 | Meet the 24-year-old who could change how the US handles sexual assaults

The New York Times | 2.03.16 | Navigating the broken system was worse than the rape itself

Broadly. | 2.02.16 | The Sexual Assault Survivor Saving Untested Rape Kits from the Trash

The Crimson | 1.19.16 | Support Sexual Assault Victims

The Crimson | 1.19.16 | Students Help Draft Sexual Assault Legislation

The Boston Herald | 1.13.16 | Coakley: Rape survivors need their own bill of rights

The Vancouver Sun | 1.11.16 | What Five TED Fellows Coming to Vancouver Have in Common

Ted Fellows | 1.05.16 | These 21 Rising Stars Will Change the World

HuffPost Live | 7.17.15 | USA Today Discovers U.S. Failed to Test Rape Kits

Roll Call | 4.30.15 | Democrats and Republicans Agree: It’s Time to Protect Sexual Assault Survivors’ Civil Rights