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Broadly | 8.24.2018 | #MeToo Has Always Been About Power—Not Specific People

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The Talk | 7.13.2018 | Terry Crews Calls Senate Fight Against Sexual Abuse the Summer of Freedom

Elite Daily | 7.2.2018 | UN Resolution for Sexual Assault Survivors Could Advance Human Rights On a Global Scale

Yahoo Entertainment | 6.27.2018 | Terry Crews's emotional testimony to Senate on sexual assault

CNN | 6.27.2018 | Actor Terry Crews tells Senate more men need to talk about sexual assault

Ms Magazine | 6.27.2018 | Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Amanda Nguyen Wants A Survivors’ Bill of Rights in Every State

Paper Magazine | 6.26.2018 | Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights Creator Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Women's Health | 6.25.2018 | The creator of 'the sexual assault surviors' bill of rights' was just nominated for the nobel peace prize

Medium | 5.22.2018 | Introducing the 2018 MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellows

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New York Times | 4.4.2018 | Evan Rachel Wood Turns Her Trauma Into Good. On ‘Westworld’ and in Life

Skoll | 3.11.2018| Beyond #MeToo: The Global Movement Against Sexual Assault and Harassment

Huffington Post | 2.28.2018 | Evan Rachel Wood Shared Her Harrowing Story Of Abuse And Assault With Congress

MSN | 2.27.2018 | Westworld' star Evan Rachel Wood details her experiences of horrifying sexual abuse to help other survivors

Daily Mail | 2.27.2018  Evan Rachel Wood stars in parody ad for new 'Guess Who? #MeToo' game

Medium | 2.5.2018 | Q&A: Stopping Sexual Assault with Senator Chuck Grassley

Elite Daily | 1.31.2018 | What Are Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights? This Group Is Making Sure Survivors Are Covered

The Daily Beast | 1.26.2018 | States Rush to Introduce Sexual-Assault Survivor ‘Bill of Rights’

Democrat & Chronicle | 1.25.2018 | Governor Cuomo wants hospitals to preserve rape kits longer

Concord Monitor | 1.4.2018 | Jeanne Shaheen: Beyond #MeToo: Survivors deserve justice in legal system




Refinery 29 | 11.14.2017 | NYC Hospitals Destroy A Shocking Amount of Rape Kits

NBC Asian American | 5.5.2017 | #RedefineAtoZ: SJ Son Took a Risk with Comedy -- And It's Been Paying Off

Washington Post | 3.2.2017 | Cause Celeb: Tatiana Maslany stars in new Funny or Die PSA About Sexual Assault

BuzzFeed | 3.23.2017 | Activists Are Launching A National Effort To Stop Rape Kits From Going In The Trash

Mashable | 3.23.2017 | Funny or Die Takes On The Absurdity Of Rape Kit Testing In '80s Spoof

The Hill: ITK | 3.16.2017 | Orphan Black Star To Advocate For Sexual Assault Survivors in DC

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Marie Claire | 12.19.16 | Marie Claire's Young Women's Honors

Elite Daily | 11.28.16 | Survivor Of Sexual Assault Exposes Broken Justice

PBS Newshour | 10.28.16 | The woman behind the sexual-assault survivor ‘bill of rights’

Vice on HBO | 10.11.16 | Sexual Assault Survivor Rallies to Get Rape Kits on the Map

The Root | 10.8.16 | President Obama Signs 1st Rape Survivor's Bill of Rights Into Law.

The New York Times | 10.7.16 | Obama Signs Law Guaranteeing Survivors of Sexual Assault Basic Federal Rights. 

MTV | 9.27.16 | TRL: Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights

NPR's Morning Edition | 9.9.16 | Obama Expected to Sign Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights into Law.

Slate | 9.7.16 | The U.S. Is One Step Closer to a Federal Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.

C-Span | 9.15.16 | Paul Ryan: Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights:

BuzzFeed News | 9.6.16 | Historic Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual Assault is Heading to Obama's Desk.

Boston Globe | 4.7.16 | Rape survivors have fewer rights than you'd think. Amanda Nguyen is trying to change that.

Christian Science Monitor | 3.21.16 | To Combat Rape, a 'Bill of Rights' for Survivors

Elle | 2.29.16 | Meet the 24-Year-Old Who Could Dramatically Change U.S. Sexual Assault Law

Bustle | 2.23.16 | Who is Amanda Nguyen? She's Fighting For The Rights of Sexual Assault Survivors.

The Guardian | 2.23.16 | Meet the 24-year-old who could change how the US handles sexual assaults

New York Times | 2.4.16 | Navigating the broken system was worse than the rape itself.

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