Statement from our founder

By Amanda Nguyen

Destroying rape kits at 5 years instead of 30 days is not a victory. The entire United States Congress, including the New York State Congressional Delegation, unanimously passed the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights that saves rape kits for the full statute of limitations or at least 20 years. This is the standard that has been passed in 10 additional state laws across America. Doing better than an awful 30-day minimum is still substantially worse than the rest of the country. We, including the New York State survivors whose rape kits have been destroyed by New York State, would like to understand where this arbitrary 5-year destruction deadline came from. Why should New York State rape survivors have fewer rights than other survivors in America? Survivors deserve equality under the law. Justice should not depend on geography. As a rape survivor who had to fight to save my own rape kit from destruction and an advocate who has written and passed 12 laws on rape kit destruction, I am happy to discuss this with the Governor to make New York State a fair place for survivors.