January 31, 2020

Rise Spotlight:

Meet Flannery

Why do I Rise?

I Rise because fighting for the civil rights of all humans the world over makes me feel whole. I Rise because the knowledge that my civil rights are protected makes me sleep a little better each night. I Rise because there’s too much to be done to sit and be idle.

What has been my proudest moment?

Rise moves at the speed of light. We have accomplished so many important things in such a short amount of time it’s hard to chose one moment to be the most proud of. However, if I had to choose something, I would say it’s the ability that all risers have to stay strong and stay positive in the face of the fiercest opposition. These past few weeks have been tough on our country and even tougher on survivors. Rise is comprised of survivors and allies alike and I must say I couldn’t be prouder of the way Risers rallied around each other to not only show themselves as individuals committed to a common purpose, but a community and a support system like none I’ve ever seen.


Which Golden Girl Do I Identify with?

A mix of Sophia and Rose. In many of my friend circles, I tend to be the oldest. I can be very cynical yet fiercely loyal and I have a tendency to egg on others to be silly or get into trouble (not like legal trouble though!). But I pretty much giggle constantly.

What app do you have on your phone that you’re embarrassed to admit you use?

I’m not actually embarrassed by it, but the silliest app I have, and use, is Plant Nanny. It’s an app where I water a virtual plant every time I drink a glass of water. It’s a silly way to keep track of my hydration.

Who/ what’s your alter ego?

Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus

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