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State-By-State Legislative Reform: Survivors’ Bill of Rights

Rise, a national nonprofit, was founded by Amanda Nguyen, a survivor, in November 2014 to pen her own civil rights into existence along with the 25 million rape survivors in the United States. Rise’s immediate goal is to scale up a social movement to pass their Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights - in all 50 states.

Rise’s social movement model is called Hope-a-nomics, which empowers citizens to pen their own rights into existence by equipping them to operate the levers of democracy, navigate complex political landscapes at every step of the process, and emerge victorious. The millennial-driven organization is comprised of advocates from the legal, health, business, and academic sectors.

Right to equality under the law

Right to informative rape kit procedures and notification

Right to survivors’ advocacy

Right to terminate all legal ties with the assailant

Right to the retention of all rights regardless of whether assault is reported to law enforcement

The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights includes:

Since its inception, Rise has created civil rights protections for more than 85 million survivors of sexual assault through its passage of state-by-state bills.