The Rise Champions campaign recognizes global leaders--including heads of state, leaders of faith communities, and Nobel Laureates--who demonstrate a global public commitment to advance access to justice for survivors of sexual violence. ​Sexual violence is a universal issue that demands international recognition. According to the World Health Organization, 35% of women worldwide - 1.3 billion people - are sexual violence survivors. Around the world, people are demanding recognition and justice for survivors who are denied basic rights and access to information and justice. At Rise, we believe that justice should not depend on geography. Access to justice should be available to all sexual violence survivors, no matter their gender, age, nationality, or citizenship.  

These leaders have stepped up to make a bold commitment to stand with survivors in their communities and around the world.

Julius Madaa Bio

President of Sierra Leone

"We stand with the survivors, victims and their loved ones, and my Government is committed to providing support for survivors."

Beatriz Argimón

Vice President of Uruguay

"I am an ally of the survivors because without a doubt this issue that should be everyone's issue"

Nadia Murad

2018 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Founder of Nadia's Initiative

"Without justice and accountability we are condoning violence and sending the message that rights of certain groups do not matter.”

Beatrice Fihn

2017 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Executive Director of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

“The rights of survivors of sexual violence are fundamental human rights and I support the work Rise is doing to make sure that such rights become law.”

Eddie Ndopu

UN Secretary-General's Global Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals

"I am deeply honored to serve as a Rise Champion, and I remain committed to ensuring that we continue to promote this issue at the forefront of a global agenda."

Yeonmi Park

Human Rights Activist, North Korean Defector